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Ultimate Factivity Collection Dinosaur

Ultimate Factivity Collection Dinosaur


This title features all new activity collection with the ultimate blend of facts
and fun. With Ultimate Factivity Collection Dinosaur, learning has never been this
fun! Engaging reference notes guide you through activities, while fun challenges
and interesting puzzles are designed to inspire creativity. It is packed with puzzles,
games, doodles and over 500 stickers to accompany amazing facts and information.

Dig yourself into this wild world of prehistoric creatures and tackle
activities on the terrible T.Rex, the stout stegosaurus, the giant brachiosaurus,
and more. Go on an amazing adventure, make an origami dinosaur, or hunt for fossils
in this incredible, fact-filled adventure. The combination of fun activities and
educational information will help improve your child's social, emotional, cognitive,
and language skills - and they'll have fun while doing it! Take a trip back in time
with Ultimate Factivity Collection Dinosaur.

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