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CAE Writing Masterclass

NEW REVISED EDITION: 4TH JULY 2019! "CAE Writing Masterclass (Parts 1 & 2) Cambridge English Advanced Writing" from the CAE Cambridge Advanced series, is a full self-study CAE writing course for students of Advanced English. It is based on years of classroom experience and contains CAE writing exercises and secret exam strategies to improve students' general English writing skills, essay writing skills, email writing skills, report writing skills, review writing and proposal writing. The writing part of the Cambridge CAE exam is often the most intimidating for many Advanced English students. CAE Writing Masterclass will give you the skills, tools, knowledge and practice needed to get excellent marks in this part of the exam. This book is a self-study step-by-step manual on how to be brilliant in the writing test. It will prepare you for all the types of questions that you might have to answer and shows you exactly what examiners are looking for when they mark your writing. CAE Writing Masterclass carefully guides you through answering exam-type questions and builds exam specific grammar skills so that you are as confident as possible on the day of the exam.

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